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Central Coast Online Scanner

Welcome To Central Coast Online Scanner

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Below are some answer's to your questions about Central Coast Online Scanner. If you have any other questions please contact me via "Contact Us" page.

Who: Ryan aka Sonic

Location: Central Coast, NSW, Australia (1 hr north of Sydney & 1 Hr South of Newcastle)

Job: I.T - System Administrator

Why: was started because I always loved listening to radio scanner's and all the action that is being transmited in the airwaves.
I enjoy listening to online scanner streams from work and want to share what's happening around the Central Coast with you guys.

What: My radio equipment includes the following:

Uniden UBCD396T - Used for RFS Audio Stream
Uniden UBCD996T - Use for NSW GRN + Local Audio Stream
Uniden UBC9000XLT - Used for Pager Decoder Stream

1 x Discone 25Mhz - 1.3Ghz
1 x 12db UHF Collinear 476Mhz - 477Mhz
1 x Slim Jim Antenna

When: Trying to be Online 24/7 365 days a year (Unfortunately some things are out of my control)

How: I have a server that has 3 scanners connected to it, 2 stream audio using Icecast to the Icecast streaming server which then streams it to you guys + 1 scanner that decodes RFS Pagers and displays it on a HTML page so you can see whats going on.

This is a FREE service... I spend a lot of time and money to keep this service going and can not guarantee it up 24/7 but will try... If this site is down I will try to get it back up as soon as I can.
I usually post on the FB page if its a long term outage so please just be patient.

All information collected from this site is to be used for education use and not for criminal or to make $$

Enjoy this great site..


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