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Who: Ryan aka Sonic

Location: Central Coast, NSW, Australia (1 hr north of Sydney & 1 Hr South of Newcastle)

Job: Information TechnologyAudio Visual Technician

Why: CentralCoastOnlineScanner.com was born because I always loved listening to radio scanner's and all the action that is being transmitted in the airwaves.

I enjoy listening to online scanner streams from work but could never find one just for Central Coast so I started my own and wanted to share what's happening around the Central Coast with you guys.

What: My radio equipment includes the following:

Uniden UBCD996T - Use for NSW PSN (NSW RFS) Audio Stream (Currently Offline)

1x Scantanna Antenna
1x UHF CB Antenna

1x Airspy R2
1x GreatScotts HackRF
8x RTL-SDR.com Blog V3 SDR's
4x Noelec SDR
Numerous cheap ones from ebay.

When: 24/7 365 days a year. (But unfortunately some things are out of my control)

How: I have a server that has scanners and SDR's connected to it.

  1x stream audio using Icecast that streams to the Icecast streaming server which then streams it to you guys
  1x RTL-SDR blog V3 SDRthat decodes RFS Pagers and displays it on a HTML page so you can see whats going on.

  1x Airspy SDR for decoding NSW PSN network and streaming audio

This is a FREE service... I spend a lot of time to keep this service going but CAN NOT guarantee that it will be up 24/7.
If the site/ or services are down, Please Be Patient. I will try to get it back up as soon as I can.
Please check the Facebook Page  for any outages.

All information viewed from this site is to be used for education use and not for criminal activity or to make money from.

Enjoy this great site..


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