UHF CB (UHF Citizen's Band)

The UHF CB band is currently 40ch's on the 477Mhz band with a spacing of 25kHz between channel which splits into 8 Repeaters Channels and 22 Simplex Channels.
This will soon change to 80 Channels with spacing of 12.5kHz which splits into 16 Repeaters and  43 Simplex Channels.

Channel 5/35 are for emergency use only (Fines of $165,000 or 2 Years for General Misuse and $550,000 or 5 Years for interference to a Emergency Call)

Channel 22 & 23 is for Data (Telemetry)

Channel 29 & 40 is Road Channels (Truckie Channels)

Choose which channel allocation you wish to use from the menu to see the frequencies

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